The Eat More Work Less kitchen and delivery team consists of Lukasz and Alicia. Each step of the process is taken serious…though there’s always a [non-literal] sprinkle of fun with this husband and wife duo.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany with a Polish descent, Chef Lukasz Grabowski has always been in the kitchen. Growing up, he took basic cooking classes in school to help develop his skills, though most of his culinary prowess is self-taught. He has lived in Central Florida for most of his life and has been sharing his love of cooking with his wife, Alicia, since 2013.

Chef Lukasz brainstorms recipes and cooks the hot goods while Alicia preps salads, wraps, and keeps cool, calm, and collected. Their entire careers have been restaurant and customer service focused. They’re here to make meal times less complicated and clean up times minimal.

When they’re not in the kitchen, they’re playing board and video games, wandering Florida, and hanging with friends.

Together we’re all a movement! It’s about passion and excitement in the kitchen. Enjoy yourself with good times and great food!! Let it bring us together to share ideas and recipes.

Eat More Work Less.

Questions? reach out to eatmoreworkless